CGi Programmes

The CGI operates a number of programmes to meet a number of our aims both in providing benefits to members such as the "Meet the Minister" series of meetings to enable members to have direct access to the political establishment and programmes to help address issues of skills or inspiration for young in terms of career choices allied to the memberships of the CGi. The CGi IT Challenge focuses on developing computer coding skills in schools as a foundation to inspiring young people into embracing digital technologies as a career option.

For many years the CGi promoted the Technology Challenge designed to engage young people in practical aspects of technology and engineering.  This event has now been taken over by the Channel Island association of professional engineers.

In autumn 2014 we launched the Peter Budwin Award to recognise the achievements of young people in their workplace. It enables employers to nominate young people who have made a significant contribution or achievement within their workplace.

See the related web pages dedicated to each of programmes that the CGi operates under this menu item.