THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry fully supports Deputy Inder’s requete to extend St Peter Port Harbour as an alternative to the site at Longue Hougue. The proposed amendment has purpose and offers economically beneficial outcomes and opportunities for the island rather than Longue Hougue, which has no plan and just incurs expense.

We were involved in the initial public consultation on the future of inert waste two years ago, and our view then is similar to today – any major expenditure project has to offer significant benefits to Guernsey which Deputy’s Inder’s clearly does.

This proposal also has been put forward to the Waterfront working party and is supported by the commercial companies involved.

The CGi fully supports the decision by Aurigny to restart flights to Jersey and establish a new, direct service with Southampton.

Both routes have historically shown to be very important links for Guernsey and also underserved for several years so this is excellent news for the inbound visitor market, business travellers and Islanders.

This also demonstrates that the Open Skies licensing regime recently adopted by the Committee for Economic Development is having a positive effect on the availability of connections with the Island.

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry has welcomed the news that the London Heathrow link is to be re-established which will make international connections more convenient for some travellers.

Whilst the CGi applauds the President of the Committee for Economic Development's efforts in making this initiative a reality, the test will be the long term sustainability of the service, ongoing requirements for subsidies and the impact on Aurigny given the inevitable loss of some passengers from the Gatwick route.

The CGi’s main concern is that without real growth in passenger numbers the net result may be a considerable increase in public subsidy to support Flybe on Guernsey to Heathrow and an increase in the funding provided to Aurigny.

Clive McMinn, CGi Chairman, said,’ This is not a perfect solution for improving international connectivity; it has a number of risks associated with it but at least there is the will to take a risk and try something.’

‘With current uncertainty over FlyBe’s future, the CGI hopes that the States has negotiated an option on the slot to continue to operate the route should FlyBe choose not to be unable fulfil the service beyond this summer. The future sustainability of the services could be assured if the benefits can be supported by evidence that the trial period will generate,’ Mr McMinn added.

Hello everyone

This is our first communication of 2019 and provides me with an opportunity to detail news and developments from your Federation and this year's priorities.

In 2018, our main objective was to liaise with and lobby politicians and civil servants to improve the population management law. We have evidence that shows that the legislation is continuing to hamper member firms with staff recruitment so are to continue our campaign.

Our other key policy areas for year are:

•    Launch the Made in Guernsey/Guernsey Marque initiative
•    Improve digital connectivity, infrastructure and skills
•    Reduce over regulation
•    Diversify the economy/developing incentives for new industry
•    Encourage discussion within the States on deferred pensions
•    Monitor Guernsey's progress in providing renewable energy.

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for quarter one of 2019, around the end of February/early March and I will write to you separately on this in the coming weeks.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your support and to look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Best regards


At the most recent CGi committee meeting, Deputies Neil Inder and Barry Paint presented their ideas for the development of St Peter Port Harbour by extending out from the East Arm and creating a potential deep water berth.

Their solution would create a mooring for larger vessels than can berth at present (which includes cruise ships), provide a site for disposing of inert waste rather than extending Longue Hougue and enable a larger area for handling passengers and freight. The committee felt this had merit and it is our intention to take this forward in the coming months.

We have also been involved in discussions with the Committee for Economic Development and other business groups on the CfED’s policy letter for the development of air and sea links. At the request of Deputy Charles Parkinson, we will submit our views on the various points raised in the meeting to the CfED before the end of this year.

Our stated support of Skills Guernsey has been published in the local media and we are to follow up with the CfED on the two initiatives proposed – digital internships and industry weeks.

Thank you for your continued support.

Clive McMinn

A deferred pension applies to someone who has stopped paying into a state pension scheme but is not yet retired, so continues working either part or full time. The individual can choose to keep their benefits in the scheme and receive their pension income later at a more advantageous rate.

The UK adopted this back in 1948 but in Guernsey, deferred pensions do not exist - you have to start receiving your States’ pension when you reach the statutory age.

The CGi would like this to change. We want the States to offer local employees the option not to take their pension at the usual age but at a time when it suits the individual so they accrue financial benefits.

With a forecast reduction in working population, and increase in the number of Islanders retiring, this would fit with the 'Longer Working Lives' Policy and recommendations adopted by the States earlier this year.

We are to send Federation members a short online survey for their views. The results will be incorporated into our discussions with Social Security.

The relaunch of Skills Guernsey is welcomed by the CGi.

We have written to the Committee for Economic Development on these two initiatives:

• The launch of digital internships focussing on digital skills. The CGi would be willing to coordinate and run a database of companies and students (within the restrictions of GDPR) to help match youngsters and employers willing to ‘support local.’

• The return of  ‘Industry Weeks’, run previously by Tony Brassell, CGi member, in his time previously at Commerce and Employment. Students spend time at different organisations each day so they can start to understand the needs of employers.

If members have thoughts and views, please email Clive on

The past couple of months have been busy so we can update you on developments within the CGi.

To kick start Guernsey’s economy, we need more people in employment which is achievable through retraining, working past retirement age, bringing in the right labour to fill numerous vacancies, training up youngsters to be better equipped to start work  and other initiatives such as the introduction of deferred pensions.

We have held positive discussions with local actuaries to discuss how the island could introduce deferred pensions and the resultant benefits for the States and local employees. We are now to meet with Social Security and will issue a short survey for members to complete.

Last month, Simon Stone, Director of Procurement at the States gave a very interesting presentation to the committee. Simon has a clear mandate to streamline, professionalise and reduce the costs and has already made savings for the States of £3 - £4 million in just one year.

Skills Guernsey is being reborn and we have been talking to the Committee for Economic Development and providing feedback as well as suggesting new initiatives the Island should follow.

Finally, our social visit and tour at the power station in September was very interesting and informative, so thank you to Sally-Anne David, CGi committee member and Director at Guernsey Electricity, for organising that for us.

Clive McMinn

TWENTY members of the CGi recently visited Guernsey Electricity for an interesting and very informative tour of the power station at Northside.

We were guided around the control centre and three of the stations, including the newest Engine 3D, by Asset Controller, Lloyd Le Page.

Guernsey Electricity’s Chief Operating Officer Sally-Ann David then gave a presentation about the future of electricity and the changing energy industry, our future tariff objectives, energy policy and electric vehicles.

The two hour event finished with snacks and drinks, courtesy of Guernsey Electricity.

GUERNSEY Electricity has been providing electricity to the island for over 100 years.

Until 2001 all electricity was generated on-island but completion of a cable link to France via Jersey has given the opportunity to import units from the European Grid in conjunction with on-island generation.  The change has brought significant environmental benefits for the Island.

Guernsey Electricity is committed to providing a safe, stable, value-for-money energy supply, while maintaining a responsible attitude towards the environment.

We have linked up to offer CGi members with a tour and social event at the St Sampson's facilities on Tuesday 18 September. This provides a great opportunity to view the power station and  pose questions to the senior officials at Guernsey Electricity.

4:00pm – 5:00pm – Tour of the power station with Lloyd Le Page, Asset Controller.
5:00pm – 5:30pm – Discussion and Q&A on the future of the energy market.
5:30pm – 6:00pm – Drinks & Nibbles (sandwiches, cakes, fruit)

To reserve your place, please email Ian at